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Stolen from :iconiridescentstardust:, indeedy-do!

( 1) What is your favorite Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow? Why?
Eevee, because it's the single most adorable thing on the planet. xD

( 2) What is your favorite Pokemon from Gold/Silver/Crystal? Why?
Hmm...I'd have to say probably Mareep, 'cause it felt good to have a replacement for Pikachu.

( 3) What is your favorite Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? Why?
Metagross, because it's HAWT.

( 4) What is your favorite Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? Why?
Either Rotom - because it's like a schizo, or Empoleon - for obvious reasons. 83

( 5) Did you ever watch the Pokemon anime? Who was your favorite character? Why?
Yeah, and I still do. XD Which is kinda sad, really...My favorite character would probably have to be either Misty or Brock.

( 6)Have any specific favorite move in the game itself? Why?
Any of the massive starter-exclusive move tutor moves, because it's - you know - the starters...Or Dark Pulse, because it makes the best music ever. XDDDD

( 7) Ever actually level all the way to level 100 before? How did it feel?
HELL YEAH. All six of my main team in Sapphire are maxed. It felt kind disturbing, actually, to realize I put that much damn time into it...

( 8) Ever been one-shotted by a Pokemon much weaker than one of your own? Explain.
A couple of times I've been mangled by things that you wouldn't think could kick your ass...To tell you the truth, I can't think of which they are off the top of my head though.

( 9) Did you ever "catch 'em all?" How did it feel?
All except for Arceus in Diamond. IT FELT EPIC. Which...Definitely doesn't explain the above answer to #7.

(10) You know there are 500 Pokemon in existence now, right? Do you think they'll ever make more?
They JUST announced more. 8[ Seriously.

(11) How did you feel when Game Freak introduced Pokemon daycare and breeding back in G/S/C? Did you feel it was a bold move on their part considering that the "focus" of the Pokemon franchise was on children?
I was a little skeptical at first...But then I started milking it for all it was worth. :iconlulzplz:

(12) Do you honestly feel that mammalian Pokemon should lay eggs?
I don't really care, as long as I get sexy moves out of it. ...WOW THAT SOUNDED WRONG.

(13) Smeargle is renowned as the only Pokemon that can learn every single move in the game by use of its Sketch ability. If you used a Smeargle, what dream moveset would you give it?
Hahahaha, I hate that thing, so I decline to state. XD

(14) What's your favorite evolution of Eevee? Why?
8| I have to choose? Seriously??

(15) What's your favourite starting Pokemon? Why?

(16) What's your favourite legendary Pokemon? Why?
Hmm...I'd have to say...Either Raikou - because it just looks awesome, or Azelf - because it's cuuute.

(17) What's your favourite Pokemon type? Why?
Steel, mainly because they can withstand a lot.

(18) Pokemon has went on to spawn several soundtrack CDs, particular from the movies. Any particular favourite song?
"Aratanaru Chikai" from the end of the Japanese version of "Raikou! The Legend Of Thunder!".

(19) Did you like any of the Pokemon movies? Did you dislike any of the Pokemon movies? Explain.
They're all pretty good, though I was ADDICTED to the second movie when I was younger. The voices in the dub of "Arceus and the Jewel of Life" grate on my every nerve though. >

(20) Do you feel Pokemon is childish?
Haha, oh yeah. But does that stop me? Nooo.

(21) If you woke up one day and you discovered that you'd been turned into a Pokemon, which one would you be? (inspired by Mystery Dungeon; and no, don't use the flawed personality quiz to answer this! )
Hmm...THAT is a good question. Maybe...Rotom. 8D Then I could possess electronics and get my fill of spooking people, and gaming without ever needing to stop. 8D

(22) Do you feel Pokemon, now 10 years old, is starting to show its wear and tear?

(23) Could you ever see yourself not liking Pokemon? Explain.
Maybe...If they keep heading the same direction they're heading now, since they're so God-awful predictable.

(24) Did you play Pokemon with your buddies at school? How often? Weren't those the days?
YEAH, but sadly, not really with that many of them, even way back when.

(25) How much longer do you see yourself enjoying Pokemon?
HAH...Probably forever, even if they DO keep plummeting like they are now. Sad, no?
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March 4, 2010