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Yeah, I posted about this over at my LiveJournal ( the other day. Someone was looking for LS to TS2 conversions recolors over at the WCIF_Sims community, and the only reply she got was from me, with a link to a single page with only a couple actual LS recolors. :

It turned out they worked with the conversions too, but she really wanted more wood tones for the Baliwood set, and some of the other chairs and stuff. So...I decided to go nuts. I took the Maxis textures from the Ample King dining table and have been applying them to the ENTIRE Baliwood set (dresser, double/single beds, end table, 1x1/1x2 coffee tables, 1x1/1x2/1x3 dining tables, dining chair, lounger, loveseat, and couch).

That's a total of...

Let's see, 20+10+10+20+20+20+20+40+40+40=...

300 images, I think? My brain isn't quite here right now. But anyway, I still have 72 images left to do after two or three days of working on them, but thankfully I'm down to just the lounger, loveseat, and couch, and they all use the same image to apply their textures, so I only need to make edit it in GIMP once before I can plop it into SimPE.

Methinks I'll post a big ol' picture of the set here on DA, once I get it finished, provided dumping all those files into my game doesn't blow it into high heaven. :|
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Submitted on
April 4, 2010