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Just a quick little snippet to leave a note for anybody paying attention~

I finally decided to start adding a signature/watermark to the stuff I'm uploading. Some of it I'll either be cross-posting or sharing via link on my new art blog over on Tumblr (Boredom-Creates @ Tumblr) and I figured I'd slap a little something on each of the images as I decided to post them.

I won't be notifying my watchers with the updates since there's really nothing of note changing on them, so don't worry about a sudden inbox flood unless I spontaneously go on an actual upload spree again.
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Yeah, you there. I'm totally jelly of you right now. ;'\

I've been perusing the GTS for a Darumaka with Inner Focus and a Klink with Clear Body for the past like 4 days and I'm getting absolutely no where. I know there's GOT to be someone out there with them that could possibly breed them, but I'm having exactly 0 luck finding them.

I've already got my hands on the starters from all the gens, as well as Tynamo and Cottonee. Most other Transfer-exclusives I can live without until Nintendo pulls its head out of is bum ass and localizes the fixed app.

Does aaanybody out there have one or both of these they'd be willing to trade? Hopefully we can work something out!
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My hands are going numb because my fingers are so cold. And I hate it. ;_;

On the upside, I've been playing a lot of Pokémon Y since it got here a few days after release day, and now I'm only missing 2 of the 18 Vivillon patterns. :'D Just Monsoon and Jungle remaining, so if anybody is interested in trading, shoot me a message?? HELP A TRAINER OUT HERE.

In the process of getting my username changed over at Serebii, from my old handle to MediaKlepto...Hopefully I'll be among the group that's lucky enough to have it altered after the end of the month. As long as it's switched over EVENTUALLY I don't care, but the sooner the better. xD I'd like to leave that era of my life well in the past~
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Yeah, I put off uploading stuff for a looong while because it was all going in my albums on Facebook and Google+...

So now I'm sitting here with a wicked stomach ache, preparing some of them one by one to get them up here. Anyone who's +Watching me is about to be bombarded by Lord only knows how many Deviations. xD Sorry about that~

Hope you enjoy them though! ;P
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So, Blue October's new album "Sway" was released today. I preordered it a couple weeks ago from Amazon, and apparently they've either mailed it or are in the process of mailing it or have at least deducted the money for it, because we got an email about it today.

Not only did the price drop $2 so we got some money back, but the audio CD version of the album was AudioRip enabled, so I was eligible to download the entire thing as MP3s before I even get the disc.

My day just got about 3000x better. <3
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On the off chance that any of my watchers couldn't tell, I tend to wait a few days in between uploading anything I've finished, and thus I may sometimes flood your DeviantWatch notifications. I apologize to in advance anyone who's logged in during my upload sessions, since you're no doubt getting spammed with a billion notices. xD

Once I'm done for the day, you'll be free for a little while though! That's a plus, right?
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Just sitting outside on the porch while :iconhimochi-kouen: mows the grass~

It rained so freaking much these last few days that I seriously was left to wonder if our basement was going to be a pool by the time it was over. Now the grass and weeds are so high it'll take twice as long to get this taken care of.

"At least you're getting some sun," my mother says. HELLO, I'm a computer nerd. I don't LIKE the sun. It makes me feel...Human.
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You had seriously better hope I never get my hands on you.

I haven't had a single problem with such a thing in all the years I've been using DA, even between my absences, and this is really starting to piss me the hell off.

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I'm not even sure what happened to me, to be honest. Maybe it was computer trouble? I have no idea, really. xD

Maybe I'll be active again now? Who knows. It'd be nice, I imagine, to get back into things.

And ironically I notice that my last entry was posted on my third wedding anniversary with :iconhimochi-kouen: Nice timing, self~
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Stolen from :iconkiitastic:, because I'm just original like that.

[x] 1. You are female.

[ ] 2. You are in high school.

[ ] 3. You dropped out of high school.

[ ] 4. You graduated within the last 5 years.

[ ] 5. You live on your own.

[ ] 6. You live within 20 minutes of your best friend.

[x] 7. You live within 20 minutes of the last person you kissed. (Actually, I live WITH him, so methinks that's within 20 minutes, yeah?)

[ ] 8. You live within 20 minutes of your ex.

[x] 9. You have hugged someone in the last 72 hours.

[ ] 10. You have been to the movies within the last week.

[ ] 11. You have had 3 or more boyfriends/girlfriends just this year.

[ ] 12. You have been a designated driver.

[x] 13. You have broken merchandise and not paid for it.

[ ] 14. You have played strip poker and lost.

[ ] 15. You are Catholic.

[ ] 16. You are atheist.

[ ] 17. You recycle regularly.

[x] 18. You are a brunette.

[ ] 19. You have dated a blonde.

[x] 20. You are friends with a redhead.

[x] 21. You are taller than your mom.

[x] 22. You have a checking account.

[x] 23. You’ve written a check for less than $5.

[ ] 24. You have visited the Statue of Liberty.

[ ] 25. You have visited the Eiffel Tower.

[ ] 26. You have visited Big Ben.

[ ] 27. You have visited the Colosseum.

[ ] 28. You have visited The Great Wall of China.

[x] 29. You have never been out of the country.

[ ] 30. You have been a waiter/waitress.

[x] 31. You own a Bible.

[xxxxx] 32. You own something with a pentagram on it. (Numerous things, actually.)

[x] 33. You have used a Ouija board

[x] 34. You have been a witch for Halloween.

[ ] 35. You have been a zombie for Halloween.

[x] 36. You have been a Disney character for Halloween.

[ ] 37. You don’t celebrate Halloween.

[ ] 38. You have your belly button pierced.

[ ] 39. You have your tongue pierced.

[ ] 40. You have your eyebrow pierced.

[ ] 41. You have a Monroe piercing.

[ ] 42. You have your nose pierced.

[ ] 43. You have an ankle tattoo.

[ ] 44. You have a wrist tattoo.

[ ] 45. You have a back tattoo.

[x] 46. You have no tattoos. (Dammit.)

[ ] 47. You have more than 5 tattoos.

[ ] 48. You straighten your hair.

[ ] 49. You have worn a dress in the last 3 days.

[x] 50. You live somewhere that gets snow.

[ ] 51. You celebrate Hanukkah.

[x] 52. You were at your own house last New Year’s.

[ ] 53. You were at a bar last New Year’s.

[ ] 54. You slept through last New Year’s.

[ ] 55. You have worked on Christmas Eve.

[ ] 56. You have worked on Christmas.

[x] 57. You have been told “I love you” by someone today.

[ ] 58. You were told by someone who’s not family.

[x] 59. You slept in your own bed last night.

[x] 60. You are dating the last person you kissed. (See above, somewhere.)

[x] 61. You enjoyed your last kiss.

[ ] 62. You are wearing a necklace right now.

[ ] 63. You are wearing something red.

[ ] 64. You are wearing something blue.

[x] 65. You are wearing something purple. (PJs!)

[ ] 66. Your phone is fully charged.

[x] 67. Your phone number ends with an even number.

[x] 68. You have kissed the last person you called/texted.

[x] 69. You last called/texted a boy.

[x] 70. You are currently listening to music.

[x] 71. You are waiting for something. (More like hoping.)

[ ] 72. You don’t like seafood.

[x] 73. You have eaten deer sausage. (It's called venison, d00dz.)

[ ] 74. You have given a complete stranger your phone number.

[x] 75. You have been hit on at work.

[x] 76. You have been hit on by someone more than 20 years older than you.

[x] 77. You have been whistled at.

[x] 78. You were creeped out by it.

[x] 79. You are a good speller.

[x] 80. You are very punctual.

[/] 81. You were dating someone in December of 2008. (Kinda, I was married by then.)

[/] 82. You are still dating that person. (See above.)

[ ] 83. You have cheated on someone.

[?] 84. You have been cheated on. (Seriously, how would I know?? But I seriously doubt it.)

[ ] 85. You have been on a cruise ship.

[ ] 86. You have camped out in your own backyard.

[ ] 87. You are wearing something that doesn’t belong to you.

[ ] 88. You are a Pisces.

[ ] 89. You are a Leo.

[ ] 90. You are a Capricorn.

[x] 91. You have Irish heritage.

[x] 92. You have Polish heritage.

[ ] 93. You have Japanese heritage.

[ ] 94. You have Israeli heritage.

[x] 95. You have German heritage.

[ ] 96. You have Portuguese heritage.

[x] 97. You have French heritage.

[ ] 98. You have Norwegian heritage.

[ ] 99. You have Korean heritage.

[x] 100. You were born in May.

[ ] 101. You were born in June.

[ ] 102. You were born in October.

[x] 103. You wonder what will happen when you die. (More like I'm TERRIFIED what will happen when I die. kthx.)

[ ] 104. You are afraid of the dark.

[/] 105. You write in all capital letters. (Sometimes, when I feel the urge to be CRAZY.)

[x] 106. You have been told you have nice handwriting.

[ ] 107. You have had a song written for you.

[x] 108. You have had a picture drawn of you.

[ ] 109. You have curly hair.

[ ] 110. Your phone provider is Sprint.

[ ] 111. Your phone provider is AT&T.

[ ] 112. Your phone provider is Verizon.

[x] 113. You live within an hour of your birthplace. (I'm here, in Hell, bitches.)

[ ] 114. You are wearing a watch.

[ ] 115. You are wearing flip flops.

[x] 116. You wouldn’t date someone who smoked.

[ ] 117. You know someone with the same birthday as you.

[ ] 118. You are a morning person.

[x] 119. You are a night owl.

[x] 120. You slept in past 10am today. (Numerous times. *is a lazy cow*)

[ ] 121. You have big plans for next weekend.

[x] 122. You are thinking of someone right now.

[ ] 123. Your job is stressing you out.

[ ] 124. You don’t have a job.

[ ] 125. You have never had a job.

[ ] 126. You were fired from your last job. (Nope, I quit and ran, because my manager was a sexist pig.)

[ ] 127. You know sign language.

[/] 128. You made your bed today. (Define "made". Does throwing a blanket over the whole thing count?)

[ ] 129. You will usually try something at least once.

[ ] 130. You have been swimming in the last month.

[x] 131. You are pessimistic by nature.

[ ] 132. You have taken a ballet class.

[ ] 133. You have taken karate.

[ ] 134. You have taken gymnastics.

[x] 135. You wish on shooting stars.

[ ] 136. You wish at 11:11.

[x] 137. Your birthday has already come this year.

[x] 138. You have been in a relationship that lasted longer than a year.

[ ] 139. You ended your last relationship.

[ ] 140. Your ex ended your last relationship.

[ ] 141. You are over your ex.

[x] 142. You have gone after someone you knew was bad for you.

[ ] 143. You have let someone use you.

[ ] 144. You have been physically abused.

[ ] 145. You are engaged.

[x] 146. You are married.

[ ] 147. You are divorced.

[ ] 148. You have a child.

[ ] 149. You were/are a teenage mom.

[x] 150. You were named after someone. (My middle name, anyway.)

[x] 151. You like your name.

[x] 152. Your last drink was water.

[x] 153. You have visited somewhere said to be “haunted”. (IT WAS HAUNTED DAMMIT.)

[x] 154. You have skipped school just because you didn’t feel like going. (I was like...Six. And I actually made like I was sick because my mother was going to the dentist and she was freaked, and I didn't want her to be alone afterwards.)

[x] 155. You have taken medicine when you “felt a headache coming on”.

[x] 156. You are self-conscious about your body.

[ ] 157. You have a hangover.

[x] 158. You have had a Jehovah’s Witness show up at your house. (And I've had them leave just as quickly too.

[ ] 159. You have pet fish.

[ ] 160. You live on a farm

[ ] 161. You live in a trailer.

[ ] 162. You live in Montana.

[ ] 163. You live in South Carolina.

[ ] 164. You live in Illinois.

[ ] 165. You live in Maryland.

[ ] 166. You live in New Mexico.

[x] 167. You have godparents.

[ ] 168. Your parents are still married. (Kinda hard to be married when one of the two is in an urn...Unless it's one big-ass urn.)

[ ] 169. You have step-siblings.

[ ] 170. You are the oldest.

[ ] 171. You are adopted.

[ ] 172. You have a twin.

[/] 173. You don’t want kids. (I'm debating on it, really...)

[ ] 174. You want more than 4 kids.

[x] 175. You have a bad temper.

[ ] 176. You have made out with a complete stranger.

[ ] 177. You usually make the first move in an intimate situation.

[ ] 178. You regret losing your virginity.

[x] 179. You lost your virginity to someone the same age as you.

[x] 180. You lost your virginity to someone you were dating.

[ ] 181. You lost your virginity before you were sixteen.

[ ] 182. You have worked with a Kayla.

[ ] 183. You have gone to the movies with a Jared.

[ ] 184. You have hugged a Lexie.

[ ] 185. You have held hands with a Marcus.

[ ] 186. You have dated a Rachel.

[ ] 187. You have kissed a David.

[ ] 188. You have ridden in a car with a Nicole.

[ ] 189. You have had class with a Patrick.

[ ] 190. You have gone out to eat with a Chloe.

[ ] 191. You know a Kyle in the military.

[ ] 192. You are related to a Julie.

[ ] 193. You have gotten drunk with a Brent. (Please note that the above questions from #182 to here at #193 are a clear indication of my social life.)

[ ] 194. You have broken your arm.

[ ] 195. You have had to get stitches on your face.

[ ] 196. You have had an MRI.

[ ] 197. Your fingernails are painted.

[ ] 198. Your fingernails are painted black.

[x] 199. You like to read.

[x] 200. You like to cook.

[/] 201. You like to draw. (I'm kind of indifferent.)

[ ] 202. You can play an instrument.

[x] 203. You keep a lot of secrets from people.

[ ] 204. You don’t think people would accept you if they really got to know you.

[x] 205. You don’t trust people easily.

[x] 206. You borrowed something you really need to give back to someone.

[ ] 207. You drive a car older than a 2002.

[x] 208. You have lost a friend you never thought you would.

[ ] 209. You know a child who died of cancer.

[x] 210. You know a teenager who died in a car wreck.

[ ] 211. You have done something illegal in the past 24 hours.

[ ] 212. You have cut your hair in the last week. (no, but I considered it this morning.)

[x] 213. You wear glasses.

[ ] 214. You have been pulled over for speeding.

[ ] 215. You love to drive with the windows down.

[x] 216. Your favorite season is Autumn.

[ ] 217. Your favorite color is orange.

[ ] 218. Your favorite animal is a dolphin.

[x] 219. You last rode in a car with a relative.

[x] 220. You last rode in a car with a girl.

[x] 221. You last rode in a car with the person you are dating.

[ ] 222. You regularly watch soap operas.

[x] 223. You love Italian food.

[x] 224. You love Mexican food.

[x] 225. You love Chinese food.

[x] 226. You can see a box of tissues from where you are.

[ ] 227. You can see your reflection in a mirror.

[ ] 228. You can see what’s on TV from where you are.

[ ] 229. Your best friend is older than you.

[ ] 230. You have to go to school/work tomorrow.

[x] 231. You answered every question truthfully.
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I think I just laughed so hard I coughed up a lung.

I don't know if anyone noticed, but in my list of video games LJ post a few days ago, I strikethroughed "Harvest Moon: More Friends Of Mineral Town" because we managed to lose it. Tristan was the last one to have it, as he was playing it and using it to fill the GBA slot on his DS until I unburied the actual insert for it. He kept it even after that, in the open basket-weave pocket on his DS case (like a numb-nut). Anyhow, it literally disappeared, from what we can tell. We tore the entire bedroom and closet apart, so from what we can discern, it must have fallen into a box full of garbage while we were unpacking the shit from FL and got chucked with it.

*sad panda*

I was whacking out on Tristan that night, because he insisted he didn't have it, when mom and I both attested to the fact that he had. I was furious, because it took me YEARS to find it and MONTHS to manage so squirrel away enough money to get it. When I DID have the funds, I couldn't find it again, so I gave the money to my mother to buy food with, since we needed it, only to discover it at the one GameStop in Middletown about a week later. She pushed me into buying it with some of the last of our money, and then duddly-do-dink LOST the damn thing. I was raving mad, I assure you.

Whatever. On with the story...My wonderful friend Nick has been kind enough for many a day to listen to my whorish bitching, and when I finally managed to stop flipping out like an orangutan on the trapeze, he flat out informed me that there was a copy available in a GameStop close to him, and whether I liked it or not, he was going to pick it up for me. It kind of peeved me for a bit, but I inevitably had to just let him have his way, because he would have spent the money whether I agreed to give him our new address or not, and then I'd have wound up detesting myself for him wasting the $10 (I paid $35 originally, WTF).

He bought it and tested it to make sure it played, and it did, thankfully. There was two save files on it, but whatever. So, he mailed it Monday, and it's already here. o__O I shoved it in my DS as soon as I managed to pry the Goddamn envelope open, and I loaded it up. Then...I discovered the most frightening, blood-chilling thing ever. Which I immediately logged on to tell him about...

Nick: hay
Nick: got there alright, then?
Nick: i see as much
Me: <33333
Me: Also, I have to ask. Did YOU make these save files?
Nick: no, why?
Me: Did you see the name of the farm and the name of the player?
Nick: nope
Me: DUDE. I almost died.
Me: It was Forks Farm, name Bella.
Nick: ....
Nick: burn it.
Nick: i'll buy you a new one
Me: XDDDDD It was SO funny.
Me: It was BOTH save files, too. XD
Me: I started screaming like "OH MY GOD, IF HE DID THIS TO BE FUNNY I WILL SMITE HIM."
Nick: i did see 'Bella'
Nick: but, the name itself i like. just not attatched to twilight
Me: It seriously made me shudder violently.
Me: I told my mother...If you hadn't made the saves, you would feel all filthy for touching it. XD
Nick: the fire has been lit.
Nick: the taint will be cleansed.
Me: *dies laughing*
Me: This is so going on my LJ.

And then, I log in to DA to check my messages and my DA-Watch stacks, and come to my :iconharvest-moon-cafe: stack, and see a little preview for a HM fanfic somehow just posted...And almost roll off my chair laughing.


I cried I laughed so hard. That whole scenario made my day about 1000% better.

In conclusion...Thank you, Nick. <3 You're the best, Cowy.
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Stolen from :iconaerieyena:

Comment here and I will:

1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
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For those of you who don't know, I have a DA user on my watch list whose art I absolutely adore...


She's recently had her art STOLEN by fashion label Zara.

Please view her journal entry detailing the theft right here:… and see if you can give her a hand!

Don't let them get away with taking someone's hard work, dedication, and beautiful artistry for granted!
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Join this group. You'd be amazed how fun it is to just bounce between peoples' profiles and spam llamas. 83

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Yeah, I posted about this over at my LiveJournal ( the other day. Someone was looking for LS to TS2 conversions recolors over at the WCIF_Sims community, and the only reply she got was from me, with a link to a single page with only a couple actual LS recolors. :

It turned out they worked with the conversions too, but she really wanted more wood tones for the Baliwood set, and some of the other chairs and stuff. So...I decided to go nuts. I took the Maxis textures from the Ample King dining table and have been applying them to the ENTIRE Baliwood set (dresser, double/single beds, end table, 1x1/1x2 coffee tables, 1x1/1x2/1x3 dining tables, dining chair, lounger, loveseat, and couch).

That's a total of...

Let's see, 20+10+10+20+20+20+20+40+40+40=...

300 images, I think? My brain isn't quite here right now. But anyway, I still have 72 images left to do after two or three days of working on them, but thankfully I'm down to just the lounger, loveseat, and couch, and they all use the same image to apply their textures, so I only need to make edit it in GIMP once before I can plop it into SimPE.

Methinks I'll post a big ol' picture of the set here on DA, once I get it finished, provided dumping all those files into my game doesn't blow it into high heaven. :|
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Dude. Seriously.

Why the hell do I have Team Edward? I'd sooner gouge my own eyes out with a spoon.

Also, if you haven't figured out by now that the icon changes have been done for April Fool's Day...You seriously need to look at the fine print on your calendar more often. 7__7

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:below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below:

Please, if you can, lend this artist and her beloved kitty a hand!…

:above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above:

Sooo, I just went over to LiveJournal and clicked on the "messages" link at the top to delete my two notes...

And I got a Trojan alert from Avast! that there was an instance of "JS:Illredir-AG [Trj]" in one of their files. THREE TIMES, as it tried to reload the page each time after I aborted the connection. I finally had to just logout and leave.

Has this happened to anybody else??

I get a bunch of warnings here on DA, apparently from the advertisements. Does that happen to you guys too??

I'm probably just unlucky or something.
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:below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below: EDIT :below:

Please, if you can, lend this artist and her beloved kitty a hand!…

:above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above: EDIT :above:



I'm never able to get to the damn Toys-R-Us events, so Nick usually gets one for me on one of his games, but unfortunately he didn't know the event was on a while ago, and I never caught him online. 8

I don't even have anything to trade for it. DX But I really want it anyway. I can breed anything from any region with any moves that are possible for it, so if you've got one you're willing to trade, let me know. 8| Please. I can get you a Pika-Pichu too, not that that's...You know...Any good. Or whatever...

Tristan is looking for a TRU Regigigas too, if anybody can whore one of them out. He'll even give it back after he gets the Regis. xD
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Stolen from :iconiridescentstardust:, indeedy-do!

( 1) What is your favorite Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow? Why?
Eevee, because it's the single most adorable thing on the planet. xD

( 2) What is your favorite Pokemon from Gold/Silver/Crystal? Why?
Hmm...I'd have to say probably Mareep, 'cause it felt good to have a replacement for Pikachu.

( 3) What is your favorite Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? Why?
Metagross, because it's HAWT.

( 4) What is your favorite Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? Why?
Either Rotom - because it's like a schizo, or Empoleon - for obvious reasons. 83

( 5) Did you ever watch the Pokemon anime? Who was your favorite character? Why?
Yeah, and I still do. XD Which is kinda sad, really...My favorite character would probably have to be either Misty or Brock.

( 6)Have any specific favorite move in the game itself? Why?
Any of the massive starter-exclusive move tutor moves, because it's - you know - the starters...Or Dark Pulse, because it makes the best music ever. XDDDD

( 7) Ever actually level all the way to level 100 before? How did it feel?
HELL YEAH. All six of my main team in Sapphire are maxed. It felt kind disturbing, actually, to realize I put that much damn time into it...

( 8) Ever been one-shotted by a Pokemon much weaker than one of your own? Explain.
A couple of times I've been mangled by things that you wouldn't think could kick your ass...To tell you the truth, I can't think of which they are off the top of my head though.

( 9) Did you ever "catch 'em all?" How did it feel?
All except for Arceus in Diamond. IT FELT EPIC. Which...Definitely doesn't explain the above answer to #7.

(10) You know there are 500 Pokemon in existence now, right? Do you think they'll ever make more?
They JUST announced more. 8[ Seriously.

(11) How did you feel when Game Freak introduced Pokemon daycare and breeding back in G/S/C? Did you feel it was a bold move on their part considering that the "focus" of the Pokemon franchise was on children?
I was a little skeptical at first...But then I started milking it for all it was worth. :iconlulzplz:

(12) Do you honestly feel that mammalian Pokemon should lay eggs?
I don't really care, as long as I get sexy moves out of it. ...WOW THAT SOUNDED WRONG.

(13) Smeargle is renowned as the only Pokemon that can learn every single move in the game by use of its Sketch ability. If you used a Smeargle, what dream moveset would you give it?
Hahahaha, I hate that thing, so I decline to state. XD

(14) What's your favorite evolution of Eevee? Why?
8| I have to choose? Seriously??

(15) What's your favourite starting Pokemon? Why?

(16) What's your favourite legendary Pokemon? Why?
Hmm...I'd have to say...Either Raikou - because it just looks awesome, or Azelf - because it's cuuute.

(17) What's your favourite Pokemon type? Why?
Steel, mainly because they can withstand a lot.

(18) Pokemon has went on to spawn several soundtrack CDs, particular from the movies. Any particular favourite song?
"Aratanaru Chikai" from the end of the Japanese version of "Raikou! The Legend Of Thunder!".

(19) Did you like any of the Pokemon movies? Did you dislike any of the Pokemon movies? Explain.
They're all pretty good, though I was ADDICTED to the second movie when I was younger. The voices in the dub of "Arceus and the Jewel of Life" grate on my every nerve though. >

(20) Do you feel Pokemon is childish?
Haha, oh yeah. But does that stop me? Nooo.

(21) If you woke up one day and you discovered that you'd been turned into a Pokemon, which one would you be? (inspired by Mystery Dungeon; and no, don't use the flawed personality quiz to answer this! )
Hmm...THAT is a good question. Maybe...Rotom. 8D Then I could possess electronics and get my fill of spooking people, and gaming without ever needing to stop. 8D

(22) Do you feel Pokemon, now 10 years old, is starting to show its wear and tear?

(23) Could you ever see yourself not liking Pokemon? Explain.
Maybe...If they keep heading the same direction they're heading now, since they're so God-awful predictable.

(24) Did you play Pokemon with your buddies at school? How often? Weren't those the days?
YEAH, but sadly, not really with that many of them, even way back when.

(25) How much longer do you see yourself enjoying Pokemon?
HAH...Probably forever, even if they DO keep plummeting like they are now. Sad, no?
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Ch'ya. I do.

Nick totally just hooked me up with 1,000 additional Microsoft Points, so we have enough for all the new DLC for RE5.